Children of Veteris

Can their greatest strength overcome their greatest weakness?

Derek and the triplets have lived with their reclusive uncle since their parents died seven years ago, but there's one corner of his estate they've been forbidden to go; the "Dark Place." Unable to ignore its call, they break the rules, and the "Dark Place" leads them to Veteris where godlike beings, the Children of Veteris, enhance their greatest strengths and weaknesses, and they gain abilities that can only be imagined.

Now stranded on a strange world, Derek will need his new abilities to find a way home and rescue his sister, who gets herself captured by the minions of an immortal queen who sees them as a threat to her rule. But time is running short. Derek is days away from his 18th birthday, and only children can survive on Veteris.

Behind the scenes, the Children of Veteris manipulate events to force a confrontation with the queen, for she has leverage over them, and they want her gone. It is a confrontation that will determine Derek's fate and that of every child on Veteris.

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